Legal Research: How a Freelancer Can Help

KeyboardSome areas of law you know cold. But sometimes your work takes you into entirely new legal territory. And sometimes the legal lay of the land is familiar, but the cubby hole of it at issue is not. Should you do the legal research required yourself? It often makes more sense to outsource it to a freelancer.

When does outsourcing make sense? The obvious answer is when you don’t have time. Or, you have time but you don’t have the right kind of time. Legal research often requires uninterrupted blocks of time. And practicing lawyers who are juggling phone calls, emails, client visits, bar meetings, appearances and other things, often don’t have blocks of uninterrupted time. Even if you have enough time, and enough of the right kind of time, research may well not be the best use of that time. Only you can do much of what you need to do. Marketing, for example. And working with your clients. But a freelancer can do your research for you.

In addition, a freelancer may be able to do a better job of it. Depending on your practice, you may not do a lot of legal research. But freelancers who do it regularly are in tune with the best and most efficient research tools, techniques and resources.

Maybe you’ve done some research and think you know what it says. But a freelancer may be able to take a fresh look at the topics – to confirm your conclusion or find another solution or argument for you.

And, maybe you just don’t like doing research. Many attorneys don’t. Most freelancers have chosen to do research because they like to and are good at it.

Think about giving a freelance researcher a try.

Karen graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in 1986, first in her class. She then clerked for three years: one year for a Minnesota Supreme Court justice, and two years for a federal district court judge. Later she became a partner at two firms… MFAN Bio | Email | Web | LinkedIn | MFAN Posts

2 Responsesto “Legal Research: How a Freelancer Can Help”

  1. Karin Ciano says:

    Great post Karen. There may be people who hated doing research in law school who learned to love it in practice, but so far I haven’t met one. So if you have trouble getting started on things you like because you dread having to research, take heart – there are people who love it and can do it quickly, affordably, and well.

  2. Emerald Gratz says:

    Very true Karen – attorneys who regularly do legal research are more nimble and knowledgeable in the researching process. Saving time and guaranteeing a good result are great reasons to use a freelance attorney for legal research! Plus most freelance attorneys will prepare a research memo highlighting the end result and most useful information found.

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