About MFAN

The Minnesota Freelance Attorney Network (MFAN) is a group of freelance attorneys based in Minnesota who have joined together to promote and support the work of freelance attorneys in the greater legal community. MFAN is not a referral service.

Unlike solo practitioners who represent direct clients, freelance attorneys work for other attorneys who want to outsource legal work on a contract or project basis. The clients of freelance attorneys include solo practitioners, law firms of every size, and in-house counsel. Distinct from the historical notion of a contract attorney, a freelance attorney works as an independent contractor and can take on a variety of projects, including legal research and analysis; drafting and editing pleadings, motions, memorandums, and appellate briefs; document review and analysis; strategic consulting and file review; and more. Providing extra help on a large case with fast-moving deadlines or expertise in an unfamiliar practice area, freelance attorneys give temporary, cost-effective assistance on an hourly fee or flat rate basis.

Whether you are looking for help from a freelance attorney or looking to join the freelance attorney market, use this site to connect with Minnesota-based freelance attorneys and read about topics relevant to their freelance practices. MFAN welcomes you!

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