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Esmond_Kim_180x144In September 2014, after seven years of practice, I started my own law firm, E.Y.K. LAW, L.L.C., where I practice consumer bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13), probate, and estate planning.  I could not be more excited to work for myself because I want to do outstanding legal work for my clients.  I am also interested in working as a freelance attorney, because I want to help other busy attorneys achieve high standards for their legal work and for their practices.

In 2007, I graduated from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, Massachusetts.  Boston was a great city to live in for law school, but my family was living in the Twin Cities in 2007, so I moved to St. Paul.  I passed the 2007 July bar, and I was thrilled to become a licensed Minnesota attorney.

For my first year of practice I worked as a contract attorney with the General Litigation group at Faegre and Benson, assisting associates and partners on litigation projects for large toxic tort and environmental cases.  I managed electronically stored information, drafted discovery, helped prepare witnesses for depositions, and performed legal research.  When my contract position ended, I took a position as a staff attorney at Thomson Reuters (formerly West Publishing) that allowed me to further develop my research skills.

I had always wanted to work as a law firm associate, but those positions were hard to come by in the Great Recession.  So I took and passed the February 2011 Wisconsin bar, and was offered an associate position at a successful general practice and business law firm in western Wisconsin: Kostner, Koslo & Brovold, L.L.C.   Some days, I handled family law and divorces.  Other days I planned estates and guided clients through probate.  The firm also worked on business matters for a large, locally based furniture company and other local banks and businesses.  While at the firm I also prosecuted misdemeanor offenses for the municipalities of Whitehall, Wisconsin; Trempealeau, Wisconsin; Arcadia, Wisconsin; and Fountain City, Wisconsin.  I handled a full jury trial as a prosecutor.

I moved back to Minneapolis to take an associate position at a creditors’ rights litigation firm, where I took depositions, litigated, generated business, managed client relationships, and made regular courtroom appearances.

One day while waiting to appear in court, someone told me about the Minnesota Freelance Attorney Network.  I was glad to learn about it because I know how hard it can be to work as an attorney.  I know how demanding it is, and I know that good attorneys always want to do good work.  Business reality makes doing excellent work a time consuming and stressful task.  Freelance attorneys help other attorneys meet the task of doing detailed, high-quality legal work.  I am happy to be able to do so because, like all attorneys that strive for excellence, I always want to do quality work for my direct clients and my freelance clients.

My background litigating in the state trial courts of Minnesota and Wisconsin makes me well suited for performing legal research, drafting pleadings, drafting discovery, writing memos, and assisting with other litigation tasks.

Esmond is a solo attorney with a freelance practice focused on legal research, memo writing, drafting, discovery, and litigation support. His experience includes specialization in legal research as a staff attorney at Thomson Reuters, litigation experience, and trial experience…

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