My Holiday Mice

Christmas Mice CookiesLast year, a good friend had a holiday party. And the highlight for me was a special confection:  little chocolate mice made from a maraschino cherry dipped in chocolate and attached to a Hershey’s Kiss. The cherry stem makes a tail and the point of the Kiss makes a mouse snout, with sliced almonds for ears.

I decided to make these chocolate mice for holiday parties and gifts this year. So I called the maker—Sid—to find out if she could make me some. And Sid told me, “You can make these yourself. It’s easy.” And she told me just how she does it. Part of it involved going to different locations—like Costco—to get specific ingredients. As Sid described her method, I realized I could do it. And I could do it well. But was that going to be a good use of my holiday time? My time was going to be spent on special trips to get ingredients, mobilizing equipment, and going through some trial and error to get the technique right.

So I asked Sid to make the mice for me and she agreed. The mice were beautifully made. And I ended up with some extra time for work and for holiday festivities.

Getting help was the right decision.

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Karen graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in 1986, first in her class. She then clerked for three years: one year for a Minnesota Supreme Court justice, and two years for a federal district court judge. Later she became a partner at two firms…

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