MFAN Hosts Conversation with Minnesota Lawyers Mutual

MFAN and Minnesota Lawyers Mutual

Figure 1: Emerald Gratz (MFAN), Timothy Gephart (MLM), Jayne Harris (MLM).

On May 14, 2014, representatives from Minnesota Lawyers Mutual accepted an invitation from MFAN to sit down and discuss the contours of malpractice insurance coverage for freelance attorneys. Members in attendance at the regular bi-monthly MFAN meeting had the unique opportunity to engage in a dialogue with Timothy Gephart and Jayne Harris of Minnesota Lawyers Mutual to ask questions, pose concerns, and solicit opinions regarding malpractice insurance coverage for legal work done on a freelance basis. Not only was the information received extremely helpful, but the lively conversation also expanded the working knowledge of Minnesota Lawyers Mutual regarding freelance work being done in the local legal market. MFAN thanks Minnesota Lawyers Mutual for taking the time to provide interesting information, listen to concerns, and support the future expansion of freelance law practices in Minnesota!

Effective September 10, 2014, Emerald has accepted a position with the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings and is no longer working as a freelance attorney. You can reach her at

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One Responseto “MFAN Hosts Conversation with Minnesota Lawyers Mutual”

  1. Karin Ciano says:

    This was a great conversation – many thanks to Tim and Jayne for chatting with us about malpractice risks and ethical considerations. I look forward to continuing the dialogue!

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