Maximizing Law Firm Efficiency: How Freelance Attorneys Can Help

business womanThe reality of law firm practice is that sometimes, it’s really busy, and sometimes, you are wishing the phone would ring. If only you could even out your workload you would find some peace of mind and produce higher quality work.

I am sure you have experienced this moment: You are busily trying to finalize a client’s matter to meet a deadline (which happens to be one of many that are competing for your urgent attention), and meanwhile you keep getting calls from new potential client also with urgent needs.  You certainly don’t want to turn away new clients, but you are over capacity. You know that this situation, while it happens once in a while, is certainly not the norm. Of course you still have plenty of slow days where you wish your phone would ring, and you start to think about what new marketing strategy you should employ to get new business in the door.  But because you are not regularly too busy to meet client demands, it’s impractical to employ another full-time attorney.  At the same time, you don’t want to turn business away, especially since you know a new client could bring in many new matters to the firm, including referrals.

Freelance attorneys solve this problem.  You need not commit to providing them any certain amount of work – you just call them when you need them.  Another important benefit of hiring a freelance attorney is that unlike undertaking the heavy commitment and investment of employing an associate full-time, only to later find out it wasn’t a good fit, there are no administrative hassles or sunk costs associated with hiring a freelance attorney.  If you find the relationship isn’t working out, you simply choose someone new for the next project – a simplicity which is not a reality of a formal employment relationship.  Of course perhaps the best benefit of hiring freelance attorneys is that you maximize the efficiency of your firm. You only hire a freelance attorney when you are over capacity (or perhaps beyond the scope of your practice comfort zone).  So, when it’s slow, you won’t have an attorney on the payroll who is unprofitable.  And of course, freelance attorneys know that they are hired on a project-by-project basis.  Since they are eager to keep you as a client, they will work hard to ensure your satisfaction.

Ellie Vilendrer is no longer accepting assignments as a freelance attorney.

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