Let a freelancer help you enjoy this fall!

Fall ColorsLet a freelancer help you enjoy this fall!

The State Fair has come and gone. Nightfall is coming earlier. There is a nip in the air at night. We all know what that means: summer has come and gone, and fall is here. But fall brings its own special pleasures. Let a freelancer help you with your workload, so you can enjoy the season.


What are some good fall opportunities?

And what can you delegate to a freelancer to help make that happen?

Five autumn ideas:

Five things you can spin off – to free up more time:

  • Some legal research. A freelancer can do some research you may need for trial or appellate briefs. Or just for assessing the strength of a case.
  • Drafting some motion papers. A freelancer can draft motion papers for you. Pieces of a brief or a memorandum. Or the whole thing. A freelancer can help assemble the facts, research and argument you need for a winning brief.
  • Organizing marketing materials and internal checklists and forms. To help bring in more work and help the work you have go smoother.
  • Discovery. A freelancer can help go through documents to respond to discovery. Or help draft your discovery requests.
  • Editing. A Freelancer can edit briefs or other papers for you.

Enjoy fall. Whatever it is that you like to do—watching leaves, fall camping and fishing, going to special museums, or just goofing off—figure out how a freelancer can help you make that happen.

Think about your practice, what you don’t like doing, what can be spun off. And call a freelancer today.

Karen graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in 1986, first in her class. She then clerked for three years: one year for a Minnesota Supreme Court justice, and two years for a federal district court judge. Later she became a partner at two firms…

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