Let a freelancer help you enjoy spring and summer!

DaffodilsThis has been a winter to remember. Or more accurately, a winter to forget. We have all done so much shoveling, bundling up, slipping on ice. It just seemed like this winter would never end. And spending hours in front of a computer screen or poring over briefs didn’t seem like that much of a sacrifice.
But now—at long last—it seems like we may see spring. And then summer.
We all are craving some time outside.
So, what are good uses of spring and summer time?
And what can you delegate to a freelancer to help make that happen?

Five warm weather ideas:

1. Go to the University of Minnesota arboretum. You will see spectacular spring wild flowers early in the season. And then a changing array of other beautiful flowers and plants, as other things come into season. You will want to go more than once. Start with the spring wildflower garden.

2. Go to a garden center and indulge. Buy some special herbs. Or some heirloom tomato plants. Then plant and watch them grow.

3. Go to the evening concerts at Lake Harriet. You can take a walk around the lake, have some popcorn or ice cream, and listen to pop music on the benches. (Kids will love this.)

4. Pull out your grill. Buy some fresh steak or fish. Here are some recipe ideas.

5. Or just sit on your porch with a glass of wine or a cold beer. Watch summer clouds drift by and feel the balmy fresh breezes.

Five things you can spin off to free up more time:
1. Some legal research. A freelancer can do some research you may need for trial or appellate briefs. Or just for assessing the strength of a case.

2. Drafting some motion papers. A freelancer can draft motion papers for you. Pieces of a brief or a memorandum. Or the whole thing. A freelancer can help assemble the facts, research, and write the argument you need for a winning brief.

3. Organizing marketing materials and internal checklists and forms. To help bring in more work and help the work you have go smoother.

4. Discovery. A freelancer can help go through documents to respond to discovery. Or help draft your discovery requests.

5. Editing. A freelancer can edit briefs or other papers for you.

Whatever it is that you like to do—fishing, swimming, hiking, camping, watching kids grow in the summer light, or just goofing off—figure out how a freelancer can help you make that happen.
Think about your practice, what you don’t like doing, what can be spun off. And call a freelancer today.

Karen graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in 1986, first in her class. She then clerked for three years: one year for a Minnesota Supreme Court justice, and two years for a federal district court judge. Later she became a partner at two firms… MFAN Bio | Email | Web | LinkedIn | MFAN Posts

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