Improving Your Bottom Line: Cost Savings from Hiring a Freelance Attorney

CostProfitYou’re a busy attorney suddenly overwhelmed by a temporary increase in workload. You need help from a licensed attorney and you are deciding between hiring an employee and contracting with a freelance attorney. How will going with a freelancer improve your bottom line?

To start with the most obvious cost savings, by hiring a freelance attorney on an as-needed basis, you are not committing to paying a regular salary. You can contract with a freelance attorney as much or as little as you need, depending on your workload at any given time.

In addition, hiring a freelance attorney—who in most cases is properly classified as an independent contractor—results in cost savings on taxes, insurance, and benefits. You can contract with a freelance attorney for temporary assistance without being responsible for expenses associated with employees but not independent contractors, such as payroll taxes, workers compensation coverage, unemployment insurance, health insurance, and other employment benefits. You will not need to provide sick or vacation time.

You will also save on office overhead. When using a freelance attorney, you generally will not need to provide office space, equipment, legal research resources, or support staff. A freelance attorney often prefers to work in his or her own office, and therefore will usually be equipped to handle projects without relying on resources from your office. A freelance attorney can meet in your office for important case meetings, but otherwise will not use your space or amenities.

By using a freelance attorney, you can access much-needed help when workload gets heavy without committing to the numerous expenses associated with hiring a permanent employee.

Watch for part two of this series, which will address other ways that using a freelance attorney can increase your profits.

Effective June 1st 2016, Lynn Walters is no longer accepting assignments as a freelance attorney. Lynn’s new company, Blackstock Walters, LLC, offers litigation support services such as legal research, motion preparation, and document summaries on a project basis.

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One Responseto “Improving Your Bottom Line: Cost Savings from Hiring a Freelance Attorney”

  1. Karin Ciano says:

    Nice post Lynn! I have often been hired by attorneys who are suddenly swamped with work on their existing cases – helping them meet their deadlines is a win-win. I think it gives them comfort that I have no interest in stealing their clients, nor do I want a long-term job, just an opportunity to work on good projects. It’s a great way to have more staffing flexibility when the calendar gets crazy.


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