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US Customs Sign

Kara took this picture while vacationing in Alaska in 2013. She was canoeing 160 miles of the Yukon River and spotted this sign in Eagle, Alaska. Eagle is the first town in the United States on the Yukon River as it flows out of Canada.

Unfortunately, this sign—inviting visitors entering the United States on the Yukon River in Alaska to simply check in with U.S. Customs and Border Protection using the yellow phone on the side of the store in town—isn’t how most foreign nationals are instructed to enter the United States. Immigration law is complex and can be very time-consuming for both the attorney and the client. A freelance attorney can help an immigration attorney with many different kinds of filings, from I-601 waiver cover letters to Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) briefs. Many immigration attorneys are solo or small firm practitioners and it can be hard to sit down and focus on a lengthy written argument: the phone rings, clients drop by for a quick chat, or an email pops up that needs an immediate answer.

Immigration attorneys should consider hiring a freelance attorney to write waiver cover letters, immigration court briefs, and Board of Immigration Appeals briefs because a freelance attorney can concentrate on the most important task: persuading the fact finder. Form I-601 and I-601A cover letters should turn your clients into more than paperwork in front of the immigration officer. An experienced freelance attorney can take a stack of hardship evidence and weave it into a compelling story regarding the hardship your clients would face if separated from each other or forced to move their lives abroad.

Immigration court briefs and Board of Immigration Appeals briefs require analysis and research that can be very time consuming. The Board of Immigration Appeals typically give only 3 weeks to prepare your brief and it can be difficult to find the time to review the transcript and draft the brief in that time while you have other clients to manage. A freelance attorney can review the transcript and Record of Proceeding for legal errors made by the immigration judge and turn those errors into a compelling argument on your client’s behalf.

Have you been spending your evenings and weekends sorting through hardship evidence or wading through a lengthy individual hearing transcript? Consider hiring a freelance attorney to help you with these matters.

Kara graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in 2011. She has over nine years of experience with family-based and removal defense immigration law. She started her solo practice in 2011 focusing on immigration law and advising criminal defense attorneys on the consequences of immigration convictions…

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