Discovery: How a Freelance Attorney Can Help

GlassesLitigation deadlines can be burdensome, time-consuming, and sometimes completely overwhelming, especially during the discovery stage. Whether working on one massive case or juggling several cases at once, discovery demands endless hours. Attorneys need to review documents; prepare for depositions and then summarize deposition transcripts; draft document requests, interrogatories, affidavits or declarations, and responses. Sometimes it is virtually impossible to find enough time to get everything done on a deadline. In times of need, consider enlisting the help of a freelance litigation attorney!

Discovery work and projects are the perfect type of work for a freelance attorney. Why? First, experienced freelance litigation attorneys should not need much preparation time to set up for discovery work. To start, reviewing the basic pleadings will provide enough of a foundation to understand the parameters for discovery. A follow up meeting with the freelance attorney to go over objectives, goals, and important considerations should be enough to send him or her on their way with a list of tasks and a calendar of deadlines. With the increasing usage of electronic documents and filings, most discovery work can be done by the freelance attorney remotely, which means providing extra workspace is not necessary.

Second, discovery work lends itself easily to being divided and managed into small projects for a freelance attorney. Need documents to be reviewed and analyzed for privilege, confidentiality, or relevance? Perfect assignment for a freelance attorney. Or need a basic outline and exhibits for upcoming depositions? Another perfect assignment for a freelance attorney.

Finally, hiring a freelance attorney to help with discovery work is temporary and cost-effective. Freelance attorneys can be paid hourly or per project, and are happy to work for a finite period of weeks on a project. Plus, professional ethical rules allow the reasonable cost of a freelance attorney to be handled several different ways, including passing the cost onto the direct client.

So the next time discovery work and deadlines seem daunting, contact a trusted freelance litigation attorney instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Effective September 10, 2014, Emerald has accepted a position with the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings and is no longer working as a freelance attorney. You can reach her at

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